Bibles of the Knapp Museum Collection

by Danielle Maerlender Dennis Paone, a museum internship student from the College at Brockport is undergoing an independent study focused on bibles in the Emily L. Knapp Museum collection. He is conducting research in order to identify the owners of the bibles as well as their connection, if any, to Brockport through searching census records and articlesContinue reading “Bibles of the Knapp Museum Collection”

Hair Wreaths in Victorian Brockport

by Danielle Maerlender Jackie Baker, a museum internship student from the College at Brockport, can be seen here with three-year museum volunteer, Sue Savard, examining a hair wreath in front of the other hair wreaths housed in Emily Knapp Museum. Hair wreaths, more commonly known as hair work or hair jewelry, were an important partContinue reading “Hair Wreaths in Victorian Brockport”

High Street Cemetery Tour

by Danielle Maerlender On October 29, 2015, two museum internship students from the College at Brockport, Emily Fleming and Katie Nguyen, gave a  Halloween tour of the High Street Cemetery informing the community of select individuals who were laid to rest there and their importance to Brockport, NY. Fannie Barrier Williams, Mary J. Holmes, WilliamContinue reading “High Street Cemetery Tour”

Victorian Christmas Display at the Seymour Library

by Danielle Maerlender On December 1st, the results of the collaboration between the Seymour Library, the Emily L. Knapp Museum and the College at Brockport came to life. In the new local history room at the Seymour Library, museum internship student, Azzaria Davis, and museum volunteer, Sue Savard, put together a Victorian Christmas display thatContinue reading “Victorian Christmas Display at the Seymour Library”

Independent Order of Oddfellows

by Danielle Maerlender John Howard, a museum internship student from the College at Brockport, is researching the Independent Order of Odd Fellows ‘In Memorium’ plaques that are housed in the Emily L. Knapp Museum. The plaques contain the names of Odd Fellows members that have passed away and been commemorated and honored. The smaller ofContinue reading “Independent Order of Oddfellows”

WWI Artifacts and Harry Coleman

by Danielle Maerlender Mike Lane, a museum internship student from the College at Brockport, can be seen here photographing a World War 1 ‘doughboy’ helmet inscribed with the initials H.R.C. Upon further examination and research, Mike was able to identify its owner as soldier Harry R. Coleman and his connection to the 4th infantry divisionContinue reading “WWI Artifacts and Harry Coleman”

College at Brockport Collaboration

by Danielle Maerlender The Emily L. Knapp Museum and Library of Local History is honored to work in collaboration with Museum Internship students in the Anthropology Department at the College at Brockport. In recent years, the two have been working together through hands-on experience-based learning. Students have selected independent, semester-long projects focusing on a professionalContinue reading “College at Brockport Collaboration”