The Shafer Legacy- “Something is missing.”

The Emily Knapp Museum has acquired many boxes that were left behind in the attic of 19 Park Ave, a home that belonged first to Fred and Josephine Shafer, and passed to their children, Leland and Vivian Shafer. As we go through the five or so boxes containing personal correspondence, poetry, and finance records, weContinue reading “The Shafer Legacy- “Something is missing.””

College at Brockport Collaboration

by Danielle Maerlender The Emily L. Knapp Museum and Library of Local History is honored to work in collaboration with Museum Internship students in the Anthropology Department at the College at Brockport. In recent years, the two have been working together through hands-on experience-based learning. Students have selected independent, semester-long projects focusing on a professionalContinue reading “College at Brockport Collaboration”

Welcome to the Emily L Knapp Museum and Library of Local History!

The Emily L Knapp Museum is a municipal museum associated with the Village of Brockport. The museum is located on the second and third floors in the former home of one of Brockport’s most prominent families, the Seymours, while the first floor contains the Village of Brockport offices. Those who visit Brockport’s collection of local history willContinue reading “Welcome to the Emily L Knapp Museum and Library of Local History!”